Your School or Charity can have one of the latest Konica Minolta colour photocopiers for FREE, delivery, installation, training, maintenace, full set of toners, spare parts and support included!

All you pay for is the colour and b&w copies and prices start from 3.4 pence per colour copy and 0.4 pence per b&w copy!

You choose the copier and accessories that suit your School or Charity needs!

Choose a copier bundle that suit your organization needs. Define your monthly copy needs. We will provide you state of art Konica Minolta Bizhub colour copier for free. All what you pay for are the copies! We work and have great relationship with many schools and charities and we have decided to provide free copiers for these organizations even without monthly copy volume commitment! So if you have a summer break you will not pay a penny!

Most popular bundle chosen by schools and charities is …

Konica Minolta Bizhub C227 + DK-514 + DF-628

with a price of 0.4 pence per black and white copy or printout and 3.4 pence per colour copy or printout.

This is too good to be true?

A state of the art Konica Minolta Bizhub colour copier / scanner / printer is delivered for free, installed for free, maintained for free, you are provided with full set of toners, spare parts, support and all without paying rent, so you think there must be a catch?

Well the good news is… there isn’t one!

Being one of the fastest growing authorised dealers for Konica Minolta, we are able to drive down our costs of copiers and consumables and therefore pass this saving onto our customers. Also Konica Minolta Bizhub copiers are one the most heavy duty, high quality, eco friendly and lowest maintenance costs machines on the market. This means that your printing / copying costs will be significantly lower than the ones you have now. You will also enjoy state of art modern machines that will suit all your sophisticated document management needs. You can forget expensive inks or toners for your printers, delivery costs, service costs, spare parts costs, rental costs. That does not exists anymore!

All you pay for are the copies!


Simple, straightforward, transparent and no capital expenditure.