Managed Document Solution for Education

In today’s competitive education sector, the ability to efficiently access and disseminate information is fundamental to success. Free Copiers for Schools Managed Document Services offers tailored solutions to optimise your document processes so that accurate information is securely available when it is needed.

Our service addresses the three essential elements of document management:

  • The creation of information
  • The movement of information around your school
  • The processing of information so that it delivers value

Each Managed Document Services solution is designed around your needs, both in terms of your goals and how your school works.
Working closely with your team, we use our proven approach to establish the best configuration for your institution:

  • First we evaluate how your school accesses, uses and stores print and electronic information, assessing your environment, devices and the information itself
  • We then work to optimise your infrastructure to make sure your staff have seamless access to the information they need to support their work
  • Next we look at your business input and output behaviour – what your users print and why
  • With this information to hand, we establish which print management technologies will best help you increase productivity and eliminate waste
  • Throughout the process, we evaluate how your employees are responding to change and, if necessary, adapt our approach accordingly
  • Then, with a careful eye on regulatory and information security issues, we work with you to ensure continuous improvement as your business grows and changes

As part of our service, Free Copiers for Schools can also manage any additional vendors who feed into your document management infrastructure, allowing you to streamline your processes and costs and reduce your management overhead.

  • Free Copiers for Schools bespoke document management services are designed around your school to help you more effectively leverage your information. Our proven solutions will help you:
  • Increase pupil and staff satisfaction with faster response times
    Pupils and staff expect and deserve efficient and well-informed service. Streamlining your document processes helps schools handle their tasks with ease so that they can deliver personalised service that results in pupil and staff satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Extract more value from your information capital
    Our solutions are designed to facilitate the free movement of information throughout your institution. By making your information more available, adaptable, searchable, portable and reusable, you enhance your ability to quickly adapt to a changing education environment.
  • Improve productivity and reduce waste
    Aligning technology with the way people prefer to work and helping staff adapt to change directly improves performance and productivity. We also help you manage the costs of your education processes by identifying bottlenecks and controlling resource usage to reduce time and inventory wastage and increase the return on your investment.

Managing Output Costs

Across sectors, schools are seeking new ways to trim back-office costs without compromising service quality or satisfaction.

Our bespoke solutions enable organisations to optimise print volumes, quality and costs. Every engagement begins with an assessment designed to capture fleet volumes, user-to-device ratios, print workflows and common applications.

With these insights, Free Copiers for Schools works with schools to implement tools to:

  • Route print jobs
  • Control access and reduce waste
  • Monitor usage allocation and control respective costs
  • Centralise reporting
  • Manage the output environment

Multi-vendor management

Acting as a single point of contact for non-Konica Minolta brand document solutions enables Konica Minolta to minimise the time and effort required on our schools part to handle vendor relationships.

We manage and measure day-to-day activities, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance to enable organisations to benefit from consistent services levels. Through this approach, schools are able to leverage greater spending with fewer vendors to help manage costs.