Today’s school environments demand more from their print rooms than just print output abilities. Instead, the print room is fast becoming a communication hub that facilitates the flow of information across a wide range of channels and media types.

School print rooms now need to offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for in-house print and communication of many kinds. And as the need for more individualised communications increase and regulations grow more stringent, there’s growing pressure to deliver more communications through digital channels.

Free Copiers for Schools will help you evolve your print room into a central communication centre that allows in-house teams to combine print with other forms of communication. We will work closely with your internal team to establish the best hardware and software for your environment and assist with implementing workflow solutions that help you get the most out of your investment.

Free Copiers for Schools Print Room solutions will help you transform your print room into a strategic asset that delivers appropriate communications through the most relevant channels.

Our services give organisations the ability to:

  • Access a wide range of market-leading Konica Minolta production print products and workflow solutions
  • Combine fast-turnaround printing with digital communications
  • Implement new innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly printing applications for your school
  • Generate opportunities to centralise more print to reduce costs and improve business processes
  • Streamline and stabilise production workflow for education and efficiency gains