The power of a digital document-
On paper.

Stamp your documents with a QRdoc code and unlock the power of digital features

  • Access the latest version of your document
  • Find text in your printed document
  • Email paper documents without scanning
  • Open the digital copy of any printed document
  • Follow printed documents, magazines or brochures
    and know when new versions are out!

Give your customers more

When you give printed documents to your customers, give them more. Give them advanced digital features to follow your documents, save digital versions, search your documents, and get updated versions with ease.

Show you care

With QRdoc helping reduce print volumes, you can cut your organization’s carbon footprint significantly. Show your commitment to saving waste and protecting the environment.

And it's FREE

QRdoc is a free service provided by PaperCut, adding value when documents have to be printed, and helping reduce waste and protect the environment by saving on re-prints and copies.

Email - without scanning

You’ll make no trips to the scanner when you have a QRdoc! Send the original directly by email.

Make print publishing easier

Managing print publishing and document versions is a snap with QRdoc. Publish updated versions any time, and never have to worry about your customers relying on out-of-date documents.

Stand out from the competition

Embrace innovation without spending a penny. Stand out from your competitors by embracing the digital future of paper.

Manage versions

Each QRdoc has a unique labelled version. When you create a new version, anyone with an old version can find it.

View the original online

​Scan the QRdoc link to view the same document online. Verify the contents of your paper document and reprint without loss of quality.

Save money

Using QRdoc means you’ll need to print less, reprint less and never have to update your printed copies. Save paper, save toner, and save money.

Lifetime document storage

Published QRdocs are stored in our secure cloud for life, so your printed documents stay accessible and relevant as long as your customers need them.

Search text - on paper

Ever struggled to find something in a long printout? QRdoc tells you exactly where to look on paper.

Follow a document

​QRdoc can let you know when a new version is published, so you’re always up to date.